Robin Warren
Internet Strategist

CSRA Web Strategy, LLC

Aiken, South Carolina

Why Do You Need a Strategy?

Most businesses want to increase their online presence. There are scores of internet marketing specialists* eager to help. And therein lies the problem.

The Problem

  • The Certified Constant Contact Specialist presents a convincing argument that mass mailings are the key, and she knows how to build your mailing list.
  • The Social Media Specialist is all over Facebook and knows expanding your "reach" on Facebook will introduce more potential clients to you.
  • The Google AdWords Specialist has undergone extensive Google training, and his key to your success is a healthy PPC (pay per click) advertising budget.
  • The SEO specialist knows how to target keywords to reach your audience. She's spent a lot of time learning this. Payment is up front, and there are no guarantees of course ...
  • The website designer is sure the website is the essential hub of any online marketing effort.
  • The eCommerce expert wants to set you up with your own shopping cart.
  • And few are even talking about LinkedIn, where business owners go to do business. (No, I'm not a LinkedIn specialist.)

It's confusing. How do you sort it all out? Each one makes a good case. Each of these might be the right tool for the job. But what is the best solution, or combination of solutions, for your business?

The Solution

The conversation should begin with your product or service.

Who is going to buy it? What are the demographics of your ideal customer?

  • age group
  • income level
  • education level
  • special interests
  • area of the country

When will they buy it?

  • once after doing extensive research
  • once immediately because they need it right now
  • repeatedly as they use it up
  • as a gift
  • splurge item

Why would they buy from you instead of your competition?

  • cheaper
  • better
  • more available
  • reviews

Your time, energy, and budget are limited.

After 25 years of working with 100s of small businesses and with specialists in all of these areas, I think I can help you ask the right questions to determine how to spend your online marketing budget effectively.

* Most "Certified" Specialists receive a commission from the company they represent for the work they do for you. Or they pay a discounted rate for the services they provide to you at the published retail price. I have never understood this, and I have never done it. I do not receive or accept a finder's fee or commission for services I might recommend. I do not accept "kickbacks" for referrals to other professionals. And I don't charge you more than my cost for any service I might pay for on your behalf. I operate 100% in the best interest of my client.