Robin Warren
Internet Strategist

CSRA Web Strategy, LLC

Aiken, South Carolina

A Little About My Background

I fell in love with computers in high school. I was lucky enough to participate in a summer program that included the very first remote teletypes in the country, and got my first introduction to programming (in BASIC). In graduate school I had an assistantship helping students use computers to do their statistical analysis. I have always gotten along well with computers.

Following school, I worked for IBM for 7 years in sales and sales support. I never cared much for the huge mainframes, but I was with the company when the first PC was introduced. Soon I specialized in introducing managers and executives to the power of the PC. A few years later, in 1985, I started my own PC consulting firm.

Teaching is in my genes, and my business matured into a PC training company. For several years my instructors taught inside most of the large companies in New Hamsphire. And then the internet came along, and my focus gradually shifted.

I have spent the past 25 years (since 1992) developing websites for (mostly) small and family-owned businesses and organizations. I never saw myself as "just the webmaster". I operate most happily as an important component of the marketing effort. And I've always received high marks for customer service. Over the years, one frustration has been the many customers who come to me after they have been taken advantage of or spent more than they needed to. Without technical knowledge themselves, they don't know what questions to ask or how to evaluate the advice they are given.

Now semi-retired, I have moved from New Hampshire to the CSRA region of South Carolina. I am not able to take on every website project that comes my way. But I am able to help businesses have confidence in the decisions they make.

Now I have more time for other things. I am very active as a SCORE Business Counselor, and also develop and teach workshops for SCORE. I am a Master Fiddler, winner of many competitions, and I continue to perform as half of Spirit Fiddle. I am active in my church, and volunteer for organizations I believe in.