Robin Warren
Internet Strategist

CSRA Web Strategy, LLC

Aiken, South Carolina

Every Business Needs a Website, Right?

Well, probably. Eventually.

But the website is only part of an overall internet marketing strategy that might include social media marketing, paid advertising, selling on existing eCommerce sites, maps, directories, review sites, blogs, mass mailings, white papers, etc. Your online marketing portfolio might include a variety of these.

Let's start with a conversation about your online marketing strategy.

CSRA Web Strategy

The goal is to promote your product or service. The methods are many, but the best strategy for you depends on your product/service and on your ideal customer.

You have limited time, energy, and resources.

As an independent web designer and trainer, I have worked with 100s and 100s of businesses since 1992, and I can use the knowledge and experience I have gained to help you succeed online.

Affordable No-Nonsense Website Design

An effective website should be
  • well organized and easy to navigate
  • fully responsive (mobile friendly)
  • fast loading
  • attractive
  • SEO friendly
  • part of an overall internet strategy

When the time comes for a website, or a website re-do, I can help you determine your website requirements, and refer you to the appropriate professional to complete the work.*

* Most "Certified" Specialists receive a commission from the company they represent for the work they do for you. Or they pay a discounted rate for the services they provide to you at the published retail price. I have never understood this, and I have never done it. I do not receive or accept a finder's fee or commission for services I might recommend. I do not accept "kickbacks" for referrals to other professionals. And I don't charge you more than my cost for any service I might pay for on your behalf. I operate 100% in the best interest of my client.